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An article about the help desk institute HDI who they are and what they do for companies like yours.

The help desk institute was formed in 1988 around the notion of developing the help desk world but of course life has moved on since then and now they have evolved so that they are called the service desk institute to develop the world of service in a pro-active manner.

HDI Services

The main benefits from the HDI or SDI is their training and development programs which evolve into membership of their organisation so there is a professional body monitoring and looking after the interests of their members.


The SDI now offers a range of personal and corporate memberships for people in the service and help desk industry. These range from silver personal memberships, to gold and platinum corporate membership and the new research membership scheme.

Each member then receives various discounts to training events and conferences that are held during the year. You’ll also be kept up to date with changes in the industry through their support world magazine and newsletter which is sent to you via email.

There is also a dedicate research and advice line in case you need it and in depth publications to help your organisation provide an improved service to your employees.

The new research level membership is £145 + VAT per year and entitles you to all the research papers which are published and access to the help line and research buddy.

The personal silver member is £395 + VAT per year which gets you all the research published as above, the magazine and 2 event places per year. You’ll also receive various discounts off the training packages offered - if you require training this may be a good deal for you.

The corporate gold membership is £595 + VAT per year and gives more or less the same as the personal package above but with 3 different people being able to receive their magazine and one additional event place per year.

The ultimate platinum membership at £1,595 + VAT per year provides 10 magazine and 10 event places per year.

Help Desk Qualifications

The SDI offer 3 levels of training for qualifications in help desk management. You’ll start off at the service desk foundation level which is great for new analysts or if you need a refresher course. You’ll get a clear understanding and skills and techiques required in the role of a service desk analyst. The course is 2 days and not an insignificant £3,790 + VAT for non members and you still need to pay the £70 exam fee.
Next up is the service desk analyst course and qualification if you’ve been in the role for at least 9 months. This is £1099 + VAT for non members and is a 3 day fast track course which are held around the country (UK) where as the course above is only held at there premises.
The ultimate Help Desk Manager or Service Desk Manager course is for those with 3-5 years experience and is a 4 day fast track course at a cost of £1725 + VAT for non members. Again the training is held around the UK each month.

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