Free Help Desk Survey With Example Questions

If you need to find out if your help desk or service desk is performing to your own high standards then use this free help desk survey to research your users’ opinions.
In every service business it’s your users who will make or break your department so why not ask them what they think of the service you are providing?

Researching users or customers is an art in itself so if you have an in house research department you should contact them. We have often seen questionnaires go out with 50 or even 100 questions and to be honest people will get bored after the first 20 questions and just complete the questionnaire with any old answers just to fill it in. So keep it to the point.

Before you design your questionnaire keep in mind what you want out of it. Are you worried about the time you are responding to users or the quality of your staff. Think about what you might actually do with the answers you receive whether you get excellent or poor feedback - will you act on the results? Are you willing to share the results with the people who completed your survey or will it be kept confidential? These are serious questions you need to have answers to before you email out something.

Example Survery Questions

You’ll likely have your own questions you want to ask but here are some together will essential data gathering type questions so that you can analyse the results.

There are many online survey companies that offer cheap or free surveys so you can ask your customers to complete everything online. (also think about whether you want to provide multiple choice answers or simple open ended questions where the people you are surveying just write down their thoughts).

With the following you might want to add options such as very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied and very dissatisfied. Try not to add in “na” or “neutral” as you want to really find out what users think.

You then might want an open ended question about how your customer sees how you could improve your overall service or anything else they may want to add to help you and your team.

External Providers

The questions above are mainly for internal service desks but if you provide services to other companies you may want to ask additional questions such as:

Overall only your customers can tell you how your department is performing so by using this free help desk survey we hope you get insights and can improve your operation to your customers.

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