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Your IT users have many basic and advanced problems each day which you need to resolve fast!

You also want to keep them up to date with your progress and find out which issues are raised on a regular basis so that you can mitigate them from happening again.

Using help desk software in your organisation could help you organise your office and workflow efficient. Here's what you can expect from using software in your organisation:

Workflow Management

You'll be able to keep track of open tickets from employees and IT users, log requests, escalate overdue items, integrate with email systems and monitor your own department performance against any service level agreements that may be in force in your company.

If you are upgrading software on users computers you'll be able to monitor progress and know instantly which computers have the right versions of software and what programs have been installed across the company.

Solutions Management

Your staff should be able to search through your own knowledge base that you develop from previous calls so you can see what solutions actually work with users' problems.

You can use this information to make necessary changes in the organisation to mitigate future problems.

Choosing the Right Software

There are many solutions on the market place today from free help desk software to paid versions. Most vendors will allow you to download trial versions to see if it's right for your organisation.

Initially it should work with your own in-house IT such as Microsoft based if applicable and be affordable. It should be easy to use for you and your staff and offer the ability to have after sales support.

On this site are various reviews and help articles so you can choose the right help desk software for your organisation.

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